Boris Gorelik


Artist Statement

My art can be divided into two main streams: philosophical expressive composition and decorative artwork.

One part of my collection is based on an exploration of music and literature. Most of these compositions are attempts to show deep emotions and the passion of great musicians and poets.Another part of the collection is the abstract composition. In these, more decorative pieces, I try to show a complete idea of interior design and spatial organization through the use of colors and lines.

Artist Biography

Boris Gorelik was born in Belarus; he received his Master's degree in Art and Architecture and over the next 18 years teaching, he acquired his tenure as a Professor of Theory and Art History at the Belorussia State Academy. His paintings, drawing and jewelry designs have been exhibited in numerous museums, as well as at the Architectural Societies. While in America, he has completed many contemporary art works. Paintings by Boris Gorelik are now on display in several galleries and private collections.


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