Len Bielefeldt


Artist Statement

The Artist talent is a unique gift. You have a responsibility to art collectors, art lovers, friends, family, your community, and the world to make the most of that ability. A painter's sense of success at capturing even the slightest essence of his or her experience of the living moment and conveying to the viewer, a glimmer of that streaming inner life is magic. I am an insatiable explorer whose work vibrates with every new person, idea, place, frustration and challenge. Art is a luxury. I want my art to provoke the subconscious, asks questions, warm the heart, make you smile, and stirs the senses, in ways other luxuries cannot. My work is a compilation of everything I've seen and studied to this point on my creative journey, and I use whatever means are best to convey my thoughts and feelings.

Artist Biography

Originally from Rockford Illinois, I had good parents, a stable upbringing, and attended private schools. In 1985 I painted my first portrait, my brother Tim, in 1991. That portrait got me my first commission, then another, and another. I moved four more times, all great cities with good museums and ample opportunity for study and life drawing. In 2001, I moved back to Chicago, it is where I still live and work today. I am deeply touched by my surroundings and the people I know and meet.


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