Kevan Moran


Artist Statement

When I was a child, my mother tells me, I drew pictures everywhere with whatever materials I could find. These included shoe polish, crayons, furniture wax, and even my dad's car keys to etch a design into his new car. Amazingly, they did not discourage my artistic bent but wisely brought me art materials and enrolled me in a myriad of art classes.I paint because I must, just as I imagine chefs cook, dancers dance, singers sing... Within all creative people there is a compelling need to express themselves, hopefully in ways which connect with an audience. My art is all about emotion. I want the viewer to feel something when they look at my canvasses, whether it be a sense of calm or more likely, a sense of playfulness. I tell my art students to paint what they feel, not what they see. I love bold, brassy colors and bold, brassy subjects. I love to make people smile and react to my work, happily, they usually do.


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