Vladimir Yakobtchuk


Artist Statement

Fine artist, painter Vladimir Yakobtchuk constantly moves from technique to technique, masterfully navigating through them in search of new ways of creative development. After a classical training at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, he turned to do abstraction and collage. His artworks have been shown at the international exhibitions at the State Russian Museum: "Abstract Art in Russia" and "Collage in Russia."

From the beginning, Yakobtchuk used time-consuming and fairly rare techniques. For the artist, the technical accentuation became not only an object of experimental practice but also symbolic signs, an artistic way of thinking built on allusions. Vladimir Yakobtchuk's artworks have been exhibited in the USA, Finland, Russia, Bulgaria, and China.

Artist's Biography

Vladimir Yakobtchuk was born in Zhitomir, Ukraine in 1964. In 1994, he became a member of the Artists Union of Russia, and the following year, Yakobtchuk founded and was appointed the co-chairman of the St. Petersburg Society Supporters of Artists. He exhibits world-wide, with private collections in England, France, Italy, USA, Israel, China, among many.


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