Natalia Charapova


Artist Statement

A Russian by birth, an architect by training, and an artist by nature.

In 2000, I dedicated myself to full time artwork with awe-inspiring passion and thoroughness. In a very short time I established myself as a popular artist in Canada. My works can be found in the collection of the Government of NFLD, and in corporate and private collections in Canada, the UK and the USA.

The development of my work with oils, both in its technique and the nature of its imaginary, has come about through layers of brilliant colors incorporated with a blend of simple story, nature, and abstractions. I try to make my paintings have at least something of magic and of mystery. Traveling is my endless source of inspiration: Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, USA, and Canada.

Since July 2003, I've been settled in Illinois where I continue my painting, adding new subjects and inspiration to my creativity, delving into new artistic realm, while keeping in close touch with all my galleries in Canada.

I am showing my work at several Canadian Galleries.


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