Darya Tsapsyna


Artist Statement

Darya Tsaptsyna achieved an outstanding mastery both in watercolor and oil techniques. The artist's minimalistic watercolors are the result of a long research for essential image, created with a few strokes, evident traces of balance between full and empty, silence and noise, inspiration and will.

The relentless study of shapes and volumes is the artist's driving power when, inspired by nature, she creates her oil paintings. Refined calligraphic brush strokes convey the most delicate hues and colors, in the attempt to reach the beautiful simplicity of surrounding nature.

Artist Biography

Darya has been a professional artist for more than 12 years.
Darya was born in in Minsk, Belarus. She studied Painting and Applied Arts at the Belorussian Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from it with a bachelor's degree in 1998. Darya moved to Italy in 2001, where the important part of her artistic career began. The artist was enchanted by the beautiful landscapes of the Marche region, where she lived and worked during her stay in Italy. She chose to work in watercolor and oil painting to convey her perception of the unique Italian nature. Thanks to her academic formation, she applies herself in various fields of art- landscape, portrait, illustration, and fresco painting.


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