Regina Siske


Artist Statement

I am totally captivated by the beautiful, challenging art form of Asian brush painting. The rhythmic ritual of grinding my own ink feels very meditative. It prepares me to paint with a certain calm and presence, while connecting me to the daunting knowledge of a ritual that was practiced 4000 years ago.

The spirituality of Asian painting is an inspiration in its reverence for nature, from the most imposing mountain to the tiniest insect. It is permeated with a spirit of gratitude-- starting with the ink, brushes and hand-made papers. It is said that an old brush is never thrown away, but reverently buried. Studying with local teachers and international masters has been an evolution for me, as each teacher imparted his/her lessons of essential brush-strokes, which grew out of traditional Chinese calligraphy. In the beginning, I tried to emulate the style of my teacher, in the old Asian tradition of learning. Now, I am finding my own way, my own style and my own "landscapes".

Artist Biography

Regina Markunas Siske is a visual artist specializing in Asian brush painting. She began her pursuit of independent art studies after leaving her nursing career to raise a family. Her focus on Asian painting began in 1998. She has studied with local and national teachers as well as international masters of Asian brush painting. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has received local and national awards. She is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America and Who's Who of American Women. She is a member and president of the Midwest Sumi-e Society and Corresponding Secretary of the National Sumi-e Society of America.


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