Kathryn Gauthier


Artist Statement

Functional objects have a story to tell. Every noticeable sign of wear, every thought that preceded action related to it, and every time it was physically handled the story grows. I believe that as an object is used, a bit of the soul of the user is imprinted forever upon it.

A man I knew confirmed this notion. With his rare gift, all he needed to do was touch an object and, like an instant replay, its history would be revealed to him as a vision. A visit to an antique store could overwhelm him. Perhaps we all possess a hint of that same gift. It lends insight into the fascination we have with things and why we collect them.

The manipulation of hand tools and functional objects demands an intimacy with the materials that exists less and less in modern culture. Someone once said, "Art is a way of knowing". This series is a way of reaching into that part of myself that yearns for intimacy and understanding by exploring the psychological and emotional subtext of functional objects. Perhaps it is a way of connecting with my parents and grandparents whose hands worked the everyday magic of preparing family meals, sewing, darning, canning, and building home furnishings.

Functional objects and tools possess an elegance of form that is both pleasing to look upon and rich in story. The act of communing with objects as I paint becomes a process of discovery and opens windows of understanding into the nature of being human that takes me back in time.


Multidisciplinary artist Kathryn Gauthier received her BA in Fine Art from Emmanuel College, Boston, MA. She went on to study the performing arts at Dean Jr. College, Franklin MA, and completed a program of concentrated study in Acting and Directing at the Trinity Rep Conservatory, Providence, RI.


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