Adult Painting



Monday: 5PM to 8PM
Wednesday: 11PM to 2PM




Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere where
You can explore your creativity


715 Vernon Ave.
Glencoe, IL 60022

Tel. 847-835-2840

Mon - Friday - 10am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm
or By Appointment



Note From the Teacher

Come and enjoy an art class in a relaxing atmosphere on our gallery floor while you are surrounded by art. Our classes are based on the idea of a master class. Meaning the teacher/professional artist will help you understand how s/he has achieved the secrets of their style and technique. This allows you to learn and add their unique style to your knowledge in a short period of time and use it with confidence whether you are just entering art or are already experienced. Over 12 years we have helped many artists establish themselves and become confident in their ability to perform on their own. Once a year we will invite you to present your talent at our annual student art show. Sign up and be a part of our community of artists!

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