Voytek Glinkowski

International artist - Voytek's warm landscapes display the artistic influences from that of Mark Chagall to Henri Matisse. Like Chagall, this artist born in Poland in 1959 paints the soft, nostalgic memories of his eastern European homeland.

For Voytek, the memories of his native Poland are a recurring theme in a provincial art-form by incorporating images from any number of European, American or even purely imagined vistas. This combination of Old World sentiments with a new, modern flavor is a constant in Voytek's art.

Canvases are prepped with a Renaissance-style, red base-coat and then enlivened with a seemingly infinite spectrum of color. Voytek's artistic influences reach beyond the colors of Matisse and the brush strokes of Cezanne or Van Gogh. His unmistakable love for the theatre is another powerful influence visable in Voytek's work. Painting was one of many artistic outlets he pursued at the Strzeminsky Art Academy of Poland. He excelled not only in the fine arts but in graphic arts and set design as well. Voytek worked at great length designing and painting sets for plays and in the process, wrote two plays himself. The time spent in and around the theatrical arts would mold the artist?s consciousness and leave him with an everlasting dramatic spirit.

Voytek?s drama is not limited to huge skies and bold color juxtapositions, however. Voytek presents us with a true dramatic ?set.? His sets hum with unseen life and often seem to be in motion themselves. The accelerating brushstrokes of foregrounds and country roads literally drive the viewer into Voytek's dramatic space. The set rushes towards us as viewers while his active, colorful strokes lure us into his dream-like realm. His landscapes, brimming with vivid colors and confidently drawn supple lines, seem prepared to embrace the human drama