Paolo Demaria

Professional Artist since the age of 16 (exclusively)
Born in London in 1956 to renown Italian artists: Bruno Guaitamacchi, painter, and Magda ,sculptor and ceramist.  His brothers Luca and Jonathan are successful painters.  Living near Bellagio, on Lake Como, he travels frequently between his studios in England and Italy to capture the contrasting skies and climatic conditions in these two countries.

Artist Statement:
“A meadow of wild flowers, a glacier, a cornfield, a modern city, a Mediterranean coast-line, fruit and vegetables on a dining table… All these different subjects are now to me the way in which to view the many chapters of a lifetime. It’s like assembling reports in color.
..."A painting is always an interpretation, but having stated this, the research for the “visible concreteness of a significant moment” is for me the only exciting direction possible. The implication is that in the “open” all the prejudice settings of how we perceive the world are deeply questioned and colour seems to carry the chance to view things in other possible ways...
While working I may refer to different styles and use what I most like or may be useful: impressionism, French or Italian; English and Dutch landscape traditions just to mention a few. Also expressionist elements and even the more recent texture experiences in painting may be implied for rendering the experience of a day, of "those" hours and the place chosen (or encountered) for realizing the work.
I have been described “Classical”, but I know that the direct relation with the subjects, a modern colour sensitivity, and the inevitable changes in the landscape itself, result in a mirrored reality that consequently reflects our time.
It is very satisfying to know that there is appreciation now in many countries. Many people have acknowledged how my paintings have slightly modified or sometimes reinforced their way of perceiving places, seasons and colours. I believe that, after all, this may result in a contribution for a new sensitivity for the world, and especially for Nature. "

Paolo Demaria is a master of art; he uses techniques that are of old traditions from French and Italian impressionism and also uses old masterful Dutch and English landscape traditions. Paolo is an exquisite artist who paints on instinct and creates artwork worthy of the masters.

Liceo Artistico di Brera,

Milano Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milano

Gallery Exhibitions :

-Galleria Bolzani, Milano.

-Galleria Cа D'Oro, Vicenza

-Galleria "Incontro", Verona

-Galleria "alRitrovo", Cernusco Lombardone.

-"La Galeria", Stuttgart, Germany.

-Gallery "34", Skipton, Yorkshire.

-Highgate Fine Arts, London.

-Centro Culturale Rosetum, Milano.

-Chiesa Bianca, St.Moritz, Switzerland.

-"Valentinarte", Bellagio, Lake Como.

-Galleria d'arte Carla Guarneri, Milano, Gorgonzola.

-"Signature of Art", Glencoe, Illinois (Chicago Northshore).

One man and collective exhibitions have been held in various art galleries, historical sites, theaters, hotels, banks, etc. by art-dealers or by the artist personally.